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hi guys this is josh from the augusta GA band estrela. i'm very sorry to bother you, i know how annoying band emails get but i guess if none of our favorite bands did stuff like this they would of never been discovered.

anyway we are a melodic progressive rock band with catchy female vocals. we are touring through florida before we go up through the midwest and we figured that if you checked us out online and liked it, you might could come to one of the shows.

febuary 11th- @ the brass mug, tampa fl with coragio doors at 7pm we go on at 8pm.

febuary 12th-@ The Factory, Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 - with The Fluent, Where is Monday, more tba 7pm

febuary 13th- Daytona Beach, FL 200 S Beach St 32114 - BENEFIT SHOW with Boy Meets Heart, My Getaway, Midnight Aria, Radon Moon,Argo,Doris Delay, Excarnation, Angels & Demons 4pm

febuary 15th - 7pm The Imperial, Jacksonville FL 32099 - with Snmnmnmn, Christina Wagner, Bernard, The Peppermint Confederacy

it would really mean a lot to us if some of you guys could come, we have played in FL a little before but we really wanna develope a following and need all the crowd we can get. thanks a lot, again im very sorry if i bothered you,
tell me what you think

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